Russ Rollins

Radio Talk Show Host and Social Media Manager in Apopka, Florida

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Russ Ray Rollins is a dynamic figure whose influence spans numerous fields. Recently inducted into the Edgewater High School Hall of Fame (class of 1983), Rollins has cultivated an exceptional career over three decades as an award-winning talk show host. Since 1993, he has been a central figure in Orlando’s radio landscape, leading the popular "Monsters in the Morning" show. His work has achieved not only local acclaim but also global recognition via platforms like iHeartRadio and YouTube's Real Radio Monsters, earning multiple awards from The Orlando Weekly. For over twenty years, he has been consistently ranked among the nation’s most influential talk show hosts by "Talkers Magazine," making his voice a prominent one.

In addition to his radio success, Russ has explored various creative outlets, including releasing the album "Hold My Beer," which has been downloaded thousands of times worldwide. His talents also extend to graphic novels, professional wrestling, songwriting, and drumming for the “Monsters Band.” His entrepreneurial ventures are highlighted by his "RRR Blended Whiskey" and impactful community programs like “Kicks for Guns,” which has successfully removed over 10,000 guns from the streets.

Russ's unwavering commitment to philanthropy and his passion for live talk radio define a career that is both illustrious and deeply rooted in his community. His vibrant social media presence allows him to connect with a wide audience, further showcasing his influence and dedication to his craft and fans. Many former cast members have gone on to achieve significant success after their time with the Monsters.